Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rev 3.00 is HERE!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long guys. I haven't been doing much Maple related stuff, anyway-- this was kind of a quick update. Only did a few changes, listed here:
-Added Unlimited Attack
-Added No Breath
-Removed (v83) markup beside half of the scripts, I had them there to let me know which ones I updated when writing 1.00 but all of them have been v83 since I released them. Also I renamed "Sit" to "Sit Hack"
-Removed and fixed credential notes to display on Cheat Engine 6.0. Now it's just three lines that include my AIM, MSN and website.

You can download it here:
Visit the full v83 post here:

I might follow this up with a few more revisions shortly, there are a bunch of new scripts that I have to toy around with. Also, I tried updating Lemmings but could only get the 'Left' side working, but it seemed so useless I wasn't even sure if it was actually doing anything at all.

In the next rev I might Alphabetize all of the scripts so people can find them easier, along with adding a script or two of course.

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