Wednesday, June 23, 2010

V83 Hacks

Note: All download links have been replaced with a link to my thread in MPGH's Private Server Hacks section - this blog has been discontinued.

Note 2: If you download one of these, please follow this blog and leave a comment.
If the cheat table will not work it may have been corrupted while streaming to your computer, if this happens please re-download it.

Here are a list of hacks for v83 private servers:

This is the ultimate item from pserverhacks,
this has a compilation of the best hacks from everything v62+

Rev 3.00:
-Added Unlimited Attack
-Added No Breath
-Removed (v83) markup beside half of the scripts, I had them there to let me know which ones I updated when writing 1.00 but all of them have been v83 since I released them. Also I renamed "Sit" to "Sit Hack"
-Removed and fixed credential notes to display on Cheat Engine 6.0. Now it's just three lines that include my AIM, MSN and website.

Rev 2.95:
LocalHostr is having problems so I was forced to re-upload. I lost my copy of 2.90 so I went ahead and uploaded what I had done on rev 3.00 (which is just pet item vac) and renamed it 2.95 considering it's not done.

Those who do not know how to use a cheat table, I will write
a small tutorial for.

1. Download the newest version of cheat engine from
2. Install it
3. Open my cheat table with it
4. Start your maplestory server
5. Click the computer icon in cheat engine and find your server's process name
5a. It will probably be near the very bottom of the list
6. Once you find it, select it and hit OK,
7. Check off some hacks to make them work, others you need to double click the value and change it.
Warning: No hacks are safe, some are safer than others but it really depends on the server you are playing, I do not recommend damage hacking. I am not responsible for anyone who is banned.

This was originally made for v75 by Kitterz,
it works on v83 mostly, a few features may be missing.

LinkBlitz Ultra Trainer - v83 (Outdated)
This is outdated, it only has features from v2.95 and below.
This is not as efficient as the cheat tables but it is noob friendly.
As people seem to be having problems with this
hit the about box for instructions. I'll also just say
rename your servers client to MapleStory
then open your private server,
then open Blitz Ultra Trainer. Now you can tick boxes.

More will be added, check back often!

Note that considering all private servers use a different client, all hacks can't work for every private server, but fortunately for us hackers, most do.

Contact Information:
MSN 1: (The MSN I use when MSN 2 is having issues.)
MSN (Often has issues (IE:Can't log in, won't appear online etc etc))



  1. I just released 2.50 and I'm already working on 3.0, Should be up sometime soon. It will include an Aran Combo Hack and a special type of ZZ Vac (Thanks again m1).

  2. 2.60's out, I wanted to go ahead and give you guys the combo thingy!

  3. Woot! Redesigned the blog (sorta).

  4. I'm now taking request! Just leave a comment!

  5. Ummm.. can you create a super tubi hack? I would also love if there was dEMI hack.

  6. Mkay I'll see what I can do!

  7. Removed the old stuff, if you want the links to them for whatever reason just ask.

  8. hey how do i use the minimum damage and minimum damage 2 hacks?

    btw i really appreciate your hacks

  9. woot leet hacks u got here bro

  10. do you think you can teach me how to do meso dupe or item dupe with the packet editor. I got it injected but i don't know any packets.


  11. Thnxx Man! I really love your hacks! And im your number one FAN! And you know me! xD Thanks again for your hacks!

    -tharsan =p

  12. How do I use the packet editor I can't even open it. :P

  13. uhm ... can you upload pictures with steps ...? ... it would be very useful :)

  14. Id like to know how to use the minimum and max damage caps.

  15. can u add a UA to the ct for v83 severs? i have looked all over countless times for hours and there seems to be no unlimited attack that will work with heal for private servers.

  16. V83 farmerstory duplicate hack for chickens .
    Trophy maker specially made by VoteXXXXXX

  17. You should add bind any skill (so Arans can spam combo skills) and if possible a BP hack for private servers (it's coded differently than GMS)

  18. can you add UA please? that would complete botting for pservers :)))))

  19. is there any unlimited flash jump hack here?

  20. Hey Blitz i Love your Hacks :) can you also make the damage hack work? cuz mine is not working also a super tubi and DEmi would be cool Thx add me on Facebook if you want or let me add you :) add me on facebook through email Thx Again :D

  21. I would like you to make a Dupe Hack if possible. Thanks!

  22. can you give packets to use with the PE?

  23. can you make a UFJ hack?

    thanks this hack helped me im a gm~

  24. how man u could make ahack for maplesea v1.02 it will be good one :D

  25. Hey, think you can make an AOB for a dEMI vac?
    That would be pretty nice, the CSEAX gets pretty annoying after a while.

  26. Hello Blitz,

    I was wondering how do you get the pointers for the following
    HP, MP, EXP, People in Map, Channel, World, and Attacks.

    I've been looking for these pointers for v83 forever and I can't find any.

    I've also tried following a few tutorials and none of them work.

    Would you please be able to implement this into your next version?

    Or make a tutorial for this?

    Thank you for your time.

  27. GMPheonix, thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. I do not know how to get these pointers, however I will see what I can do about implementing them into a new version of my table.

  28. Just did some research, HP, MP & EXP are going to be a little difficult, but I've gotten the gist of it. Already done people in map and attacks.

  29. Alright, here's the deal. I know how to find pointers of addresses now, but the thing is is that some of the addresses aren't that simple. The address of HP isn't just a simple value search, it's got some weird percentile system where you search 20 for 100% or something. I don't get it.

  30. Can you please repost the Super Dragon Roar packet exploit please i really need it because the private server wants 20 vote points in exchange for the gm skills. i remember seeing it on your blog about one year ago so please?

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  32. whay I cant finish download the trainer .exe file?

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. @blitz, this is gmpheonix again. I've started
    to code trainers for the past few weeks. And I was wondering If I could have the pointers you already were able to find, HP/MP/EXP I can do by myself using the AOBs. the 20 for 100% thing is the settings in maplestory where you can control the HP/MP bar alert, making the pointer itself more accurate. I'll try to find the pointers and send them to you.

  35. I don't actually have them anymore. I accidentally corrupted my hard-drive and had to completely reinstall. It took me just about thirty minutes to figure everything out, just do some googling.

  36. go here to get damage hack working

    and please subscribe to my channel

  37. Can you create crash map hack? or a duping hack if somehow making dupe hack possible...