Friday, August 20, 2010

v88 Hacks

Some people may crash upon using this...
I have no advice for you...

I am having trouble updating certain hacks.
(By certain I mean all v88 hacks)

The Following is a trainer made by someone other than me. I take no credit what so ever.

Download it here.

Inject the .dll file into MapleStory.exe before pressing Start
You need a .dll injector to use this.
Need one? Google it.

I may upload a packet editor when I find one.

Also I have compiled a Cheat Table containing a single script, that script is the Accuracy Hack.
You can download that here. OR you can download the executable version here if the cheat table is giving you problems.


  1. awww come on mann you can do it =D

  2. Hey i use the V 83 and it is realy nice!

    But thiss version look damm Awesome, as soon as the server i play in chance to V 88.9 They will not belive there eye's! :)

    Thanks your the best (y)

  3. My anti virus picked that up as well, but thankfully it's a false positive.

  4. It doesn't work on MoongraMS