Wednesday, September 15, 2010

v75 Hacks

People have been asking me about v75 Private Server Hacks.
This has been done many times, so to start off I won't be making anything.

If there is something I haven't provided, comment and I'll try to find it.
The Cheat Table listed is not mine, I just renamed it to go along with my other tables.

Blitz's Cheat Table for V75 Rev 1.00.ct
This was actually one of the Tables used to
create my v83 hacks, this isn't mine.

Kitterz Packet Editor
A Packet Edtior, it is a rather complicated
tool, you will need to inject it with
a .dll injector, please do not ask Blitz
"how to dupe items" with it. He doesn't know.

Okay well Enjoy, Cya Later~

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