Monday, August 15, 2011


So, they tell me, "Hey, Rydah's Back!", actually I heard about this server quite a while back when hardly anyone heard about it. I took one look at the website, it didn't have a domain name, it had a terrible/broken CMS and it didn't even have King Rydah. I thought to myself "Fuck, this looks fucking HORRIBLE". A few months later, this fucker is #1 on GTop100, so I think to myself "Damn, I need to see what this shit's all about. They must have done some serious improvement.". I check, and it's the EXACT SAME SHIT. No domain name, a broken CMS, etc etc.

EDIT (got banned lel, here's my appeal):



  1. if you want i could let you talk to the owner if you really wanna help

  2. No need. I've already got their domain working (Worked on VBulletin via TV with the owner). Working on other shit.