Saturday, July 9, 2011

v97 Hacks

EDIT: A lot of reports of these autobanning, crashing/dcing and other bad shit have been made. Read the comments and use at your own risk.

Alrighty, just got banned from ExtaliaMS. Here's the Cheat Table I've been using. Keep in mind that they have no autobanning system, but a sturdy cheat detector. Also, Skill.wz editing works but is detected by the GM's, stay classy.

Blitz's Cheat Table for v97.1 Rev 1.00.ct

Stuff highlighted in Blue is the stuff I used frequently.


  1. I KNEW it was you! :)

    Blitz, first of all, a huge thanks for your tutorial on updating hacks, it helped me immensely, I was able to update the hacks I wanted to (not counting CSEAX).
    I saw your cheat table and I realized you used the same hacks as me.

    BTW, what do the asterisks mean after each script?

    Come on the Extalia chat sometimes so we can talk.

    Thank you once again. Bye.

    PS: Damn it... Have to wait 2/3 days to try this new beauty you made.

  2. The asterisks were used to mark all of the scripts that I had updated. I deleted all the ones without them before uploading. Blue scripts are the one I use frequently.

    Anyway, who are you? I doubt it'd be good to say here but go ahead and hit me up on MSN:

  3. blitz you a gm at any other server? lol you seem pretty sick

  4. We talked through MSN already. I had your other e-mail.
    Anyway, I added this one.

  5. Hogan blocked your account for the following reason:
    Publishing hacks on your shitty blog

    This ban will never be lifted

  6. Shitty his ass, he jelly and he mad.

  7. HEy blitz, could u make a kami vac for ExtaliaMS
    Here is a link for CE script if u want

  8. Wow thanks Blitz haha. I used this hack since you've posted it and I am number 1 on Extalia now. These GMs are so slow.

  9. Lol, I take it you're trying to frame Katy?

  10. i think Dupex is autobanning.can u make a mmc Hack+ ur v88 hacks was perfect i was using them for local MS before it closed and i was getting lvl 200 in no time

  11. all vacs get

    i use godmodfull work fine

    missgodmod ....crash or dc constantly

    and i use lemmings fine too.

    wats outers hack's work?
    ( i lost 1 char lvl 158 extalia with dupex..lols)

  12. blitz maybe u make v99 hacks???? for citrix and mapleaxis?