Monday, September 5, 2011

RydahReborn Resignation

Well guys, it's been fun but I'm off. I've had a lot of issues since I became a Game Master -- it's more closely related to personal problems -- but, I need something to change and maybe this is it. Bye Kawa, WoAiNi, Died, Carly, everyone who wanted me demoted (even though most of you never met me), the entire Rydah Team, all of my little hacker children, Casey and everyone else on Rydah (sorry if I didn't mention you specifically). I'd miss you all.

...But I don't have to!

You can contact me here;
AIM: BlitzMK (Don't sign on much)
Skype: Castimsm
Gmail/Google Talk/E-Mail:

Oh, and if there was anyone I would suggest to take my place; it wouldn't be Courage -- blackmailing faggot~

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